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How to Avoid a Bad Boyfriend with Chinese Face Reading

Chinese Face Reading evolved as a way of diagnosing disease, ascertaining constitutional strengths and weaknesses, and predicting how individuals would get along together. I studied face reading with Patrician McCarthy, of the Mian Shiang Institute, at Yo San University. Her classes brought the abstract concepts of the 5 Elements into tangible features and personality traits.

Women’s 7 Year Cycles of Jing

From the Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon: a girl age 7.  The Kidney energy becomes abundant, her baby teeth are replaced by permanent ones, and the hair grows. 女子七岁。 肾气盛,齿更发长; (7岁) 2 x 7, The dew of Heaven arrives (menstruation), the Ren channel begins to flow, the Chong channel is flourishing, the periods come regularly, and

Dry Needling with Acupuncture Needles is just Acupuncture

There is much astir in the acupuncture community of late, as there should be, over acupuncture being practiced by unlicensed therapists under the term "dry needling". Dry needling involves using an empty hypodermic needle to pierce the skin or muscle at the site of a trigger point to interrupt the pain cycle. The technique evolved

The ‘Three Golden Opportunities’: Key Times Women Can Improve or Damage their Health

Abstract There are three times during a woman’s life when she has the opportunity to either improve, or else risk damaging her health. These are menstruation, postpartum and menopause. This theory has historically been used by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and has more recently been popularised by Dr. Zhuang Shuqi, a Taiwanese doctor